Our values

Our values are simple.


We believe that innovation and creative thinking are crucial to a successful, progressive business. Whether it’s an intricate outdoor event for thousands of people or a straightforward business meeting for 50 executives, we always adopt a creative approach. Events are about communication, and if you say the same thing the same way too many times, you will lose your audience. We’re never contrary just for the sake of it. Creativity can mean a new brand image or a different type of delegate badge depending on your needs.


At Seventeen, sustainability is about more than just obvious green touches like recycling or organic tea and coffee. It goes to the heart of what makes a successful business, and we don’t see our sustainable approach as a gimmick; we take it very seriously. We are unique in the UK in running events for a broad portfolio of high profile clients with a commitment to ensure that every event we run has a sustainable approach at its heart rather than as an afterthought.


We will share best practice. We will be open with suppliers about our needs. And we will charge our clients an honest fee for the work we do. Specifically, this means:

  • No mark ups. The price we quote is the price which will be paid to each supplier we use.
  • No hidden agendas. We have no lists of preferred suppliers or venues – though there are plenty we could recommend.